Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions...

1. Must I pay an enrolment fee before I start my lessons?


2. Can I start the first lesson at any moment?


3. Can I give up receiving lessons whenever I decide?


4. Can the time-table be adaptable to my needs?

Yes, only if you receive one-to-one lessons.

5. Can I combine online and face-to-face lessons?

Yes, only if your lessons are one-to-one.

6. If I can't attend a lesson I reserved, can I have it another day?

Yes, if it is a one-to-one lesson, and you inform us 12 hours before.

7. Must I pay for a lesson before having it?


8. How long is a speaking lesson?

One hour.

9. I feel shy speaking English. How many lessons do I need to stop feeling shy?

Four lesson.